Drone Services

Drone Video & Photography

Altitude has years of experience capturing incredible aerial video and photography. We use this experience together with the latest drone equipment to ensure we always achieve the highest quality possible. We also have the expertise to edit the footage in our professional grade post production software; turning your vision into a final production ensuring we meet all of your requirements.

Drone Surveying & Inspections

Traditional ways of conducting surveys and inspections have changed forever. Altitude is at the forefront of this industry change using the latest drone technology to capture high level precision data. We have the ability to allievate the need for scaffolding, cherrypickers and ladders; this in-turn proves to be a safer and more cost effective solution for your project.

Drone Mapping & 3D Modelling

In an industry where downtime is costly and information is needed quickly; drone technology proves to be an essential tool to tackle both problems. Altitude has the knowledge and skills to utilise the drone technology to map your site. We can then produce a full 3D render of the project which can be exported to use in industry standard software.

Drone Lessons

Have you just bought your first drone? Maybe you have been flying for a while and want to learn how to become a better pilot. Altitude can help you achieve the full potential of your drone! We will go through any questions you have and guide you in the right direction in order to become a better drone pilot.

Drone Consultancy

Are you looking at implementing drone technology into your business? Maybe you recently purchased a drone but not sure on how to utilise its full potential. Altitude has years of experience in the drone industry; this allows us to best advise you on how to understand, assess and  achieve your business goals using drone technology.