About Altitude

Altitude is here to stir up the aerial services industry; we will achieve this by making it understandable and accessible to everyone. Traditionally the technology has only been available at the high price of helicopter rental and on-board camera personnel. We have vowed to tackle this problem by bringing professional knowledge and skills to cut costs and redefine what is possible with drone technology. You can trust that we will work alongside you, under any amount of pressure to create your vision into a finished production.​

We strive to deliver an unrivalled and world-class customer experience. This is unique to Altitude and sets us apart from our competition. One of the ways we have done that is offer an instant chat tool through our website; this allows us to directly answer any of your questions. Another is being easily contactable by phone or email and on all of your favourite social media platforms.​

We believe in three simple goals: reliability, quality and safety. We ensure our trained professionals, equipment and procedures will get the job done every single time. This is truly a new and exciting time to capture unique content which would have previously been unimaginable. The possibilities are endless and now the sky is no longer the limit!​

Altitude are approved by the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA) and hold Public Liability Insurance to cover up to €1,250,000.