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Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin



Drone Video & Photography

Altitude has years of experience capturing incredible drone video and photography. We use this experience together with the latest drone equipment to ensure we always achieve the highest quality possible.

Drone Surveying & Inspections

Traditional ways of conducting surveys and inspections have changed forever. Altitude is at the forefront of this industry change using the latest drone technology to capture high level precision data.

Drone Mapping & 3D Modelling

In an industry where downtime is costly and information is needed quickly; drone technology proves to be an essential tool to tackle both problems.

Drone Lessons & Consulting

Altitude can help you achieve the full potential of your drone! We can best advise you on how to understand, assess and  achieve your business goals using drone technology.


“WK Nowlan Real Estate Advisors instructed Altitude to undertake drone footage based the quality of their previous work. The quick turnaround and professionalism, including the quality of the final production was delivered to a very high standard. Furthermore, we found Altitude’s flexible approach and personalised edits to meet seamlessly at every juncture. WK Nowlan Real Estate Advisors are happy to recommend the services of Altitude.”


—  WK Nowlan Real Estate Advisors